Do you want contact lenses for free? Crazy lenses for free? Have your social media over 10.000 followers?

It is easy:

  • choose your text for discount code
  • contact us and send us link to your media, the text for code, address and lenses you chose

You can choose one pair of lenses based on quantity of your followers:

  • over 10.000 followers - any lenses from categories Colored Contact Lenses
  • over 25.000 followers - any lenses from categories Crazy Lenses or Colored Contact Lenses
  • over 50.000 followers - any 2 pairs lenses from any categories

We create for you the discount code which gives to your followers discount 15% and ship the lenses you chose to you.

Here are some other conditions:
- your social media must have over 10.000 followers
- you guarantee you will put a link to our web pages and/or tag us in your picture/video/review and send us the link until 1 month after you receive the lenses. If you don't, you have to buy the shipped lenses
- you give us full permission to use your photos on our website and on social media

It is up to our will to cooperate.