Sweety Mellow Turquoise

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Diameter 14.5mm
Water Content 38%
Base Curve 8.6mm
Replacement Period Monthly Disposable
What's inside A pair of contact lens + a lens case
Processing Time 2-3 working days


Get ethereal milky green eyes with Sweety Mellow Turquoise colored lenses. Although vibrant, the lenses have a very soft & subtle color payoff. Nothing too opaque, nothing too subdued. Sweety Mellow turquoise boast just the right opacity for your dark brown eyes. Providing a luminescent sheen while ensuring a beautiful amalgamation of mellow hues from the color wheel makes your eyes look vivacious, deep & meaningful.

The lenses carry a unique design and are meant for people who want to enhance the natural beauty. Sweety Mellow Turquoise don’t feature an over emphasized limbal ring unlike most of the big eye lenses. Since the lenses aim to add a little sparkle whilst accentuating your natural eye color, they carry a very sophisticated design that keep your eyes look natural.

These lenses blend dramatically, making your eyes look even more realistic. The color show up softly whereas the enlargement effect is kinda muted. Get Sweety Mellow lenses only if you want to spruce up your look without having to look too robust. Coming from the Sweety brand, the lenses are known to be very comfortable & airy. They keep your eyes hydrated & stay good for a period of 30 days. Replace after your lenses expire.


  1. Sweety Mellow Turquoise come packed in individual blister packaging. They are soaked in buffered isotonic solution. Before first wear, make sure you oxidize them by converting the lenses from their original packaging to lens cases already filled with multipurpose contact lens solution.
  2. Let the lenses stay soaked for 6 nights minimum or overnight
  3. If you are afraid you can’t clean your contact lenses after each wear thoroughly or in case you are a makeup junkie whose contact lenses are always at risk of contamination then get this magic lens cleaning kit to disinfect your lenses in a jiffy.
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